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From the age of 19, when I became a dive guide and instructor , then a guide to subaquatic caves in the Yucatan Peninsula, I always felt the irresistible temptation to capture these landscapes and share them with other people. The greatest challenge is not only to achieve the moment of perfect light or to reflect the life of extraordinary creatures, but to experiment with the technical resources To be able to transmit to other people the same details and forms that astonish those who watch them live.

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When it comes to taking pictures of landscapes, I can remain hours in the chosen frame and camera ready. The biggest challenge in a still photo is to go beyond the contemplative, and hit the shutter when all the elements are combined. The greatest satisfaction is to reflect a moving landscape that freezes for an instant.



Wildlife has moments of action, unexpected looks and behaviors. Mos of the time you have to be very patient and be aware of these actions and have the ability to anticipate what the subject will do. For me, Costa Rica has been an infinite field of action. Since I arrived in this country in 2009, it has been an experimentation Constant with mammals, raptors, insects, migratory birds, and reptiles.


Current Project, Ambitious and time consumer, long hours 

of work to produce a single final shot , lots of technical details 

to create imagery from that minuscule world almost unreachableto the naked eye  



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